I tend to say that I’m a loving person…i love to give of myself, and my time. I love to give gifts…but does that mean i’m a “loving” person. Or am i just a giving person? Recently, i was reminded…through a friend…that love is more than that. Love isn’t about demanding things from someone, love is being there when they need you. Love is being concerned for your own agendas, it’s realizing that somethings are more important. Love is loving others more than you love yourself. And while i still think to a certain degree I am a loving person. And that loving does involve giving of your self, and your time…and even gifts at times, because we all spend our money and efforts on things we LOVE…

1 Corinthians 13…seems to be the go to chapter for all cases of love, and when i turned to this chapter tonight i was reminded of the powerful discription of love that it paints…

If i speak with human eloquence and angeliz ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing more but the creaking of a rusty gate. If I speak God’s Word with power, revaling all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mount, “Jump” and it jumps, but i don’t love, I’m NOTHING.
Love never gives up
Love cares more for others than for self
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have
Love doesn’t strut
Doesn’t have a swelled head
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first.”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in flowering of truth
Puts up with anything
Trust God ALWAYS
Always looks for the BEST
NEVER looks back
BUT keeps going to the end
Love never dies….

(1 Corinthians 13:1-8, The Message)

…I was both encouraged and challenged when i read this. i want to learn to love this way…for my family and my friends. I want to learn this kind of love…to love with the love that God intended us to have for HIM and for one another.

What a beautiful description, of the Father’s love for us…I’m reminded of the lyrics to Hosanna by Hillsong…”Show me how to love like YOU have love ME”

-God is changing me…what can is say? It’s a beautiful thing…



So i’ve been reading this book, “Who Stole My Church?” The main emphasis of this book is CHANGE. How do we deal with change? How do others deal with change?  Why do we change? What do we change? These are all questions that i’ve been facing as I’ve been reading this book…

Now of course the “change” factor being addressed in this book is that regarding to the church and church ministry, but I began to ask these same questions regarding change in my life. Why do i change? How does change feel? I’ve learned that the more and more i watch how i live my life, the more i realize how much i love being a routine. I love doing things in order. Not always the same thing, but the same order (weird huh?). Like when i eat…i always eat one thing at a time chicken, than mash potatoes, than corn. One at a time, until the plate is empty. I love to get the same drink at starbucks everytime i go there (Triple Grande Caramel mochiatto with hazelnut NO vanilla, upside, with whole milk). When i find something i like i tend to stick to it. I like my same friends, and i tend to think we’ll be friends forever and ever (’cause forever is not long enough).

Anyway, the more i read this book…the more i realize how everything is in constant change. It’s all around us, what can i get next, what can i do to be better at this, how can i do this faster or better? I began to think of this concept of change….Romans 12:2 (NLT) says “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by CHANGING the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Made me laugh when i read this, cause I always think that Change is the next thing that’s coming…when all along God has been the force behind change. The moreI began to think about this, I began to think that maybe change is exactly what we all need. To embrace change and be transformed into a person that can easily recognize the will of God for us at every given moment. That’s the change i want to experience to undrstand and know God’s will for ME that is pleasing and PERFECT.

-Off to find and become CHANGED

Ikness…when does it end?!?!?

So IKE rolled through texas two weeks ago from today…and let’s just say he wasn’t playin. We did survive the storm with very little damage, half a fence knocked down, a ton of debris, and a few shingles off the roof…oh and we joined the other 3 million people without power. We left (the same day the power went out) and went to College Station to stay with Vinnie & Amy (and the kids). It was good times with the family, so IKE gets points for that. I think Amy is seriously ready to let my parents move in with them…Vinnie is more ready for them to be neighbors (not roommates!) lol! We did survive the storm with very little damage, half a fence knocked down, a ton of debris, and a few shingles off the roof…oh and we joined the other 3 million people without power.

School closing (SIKE!)…So pretty much every school/college was closed the week following IKE. BUT NO, not UH-main campus. The president felt that it was necessary to open the school on TUESDAY (yes TUESDAY!!!) following the storm. And My professors are not as nice as P.Diddle’s and i actually had to go to lectures…while the entire psych department cancelled classes. That is another reason why geology is dumb…they held classes! UGH…and i’m not even geology major! So i went to school, and sat in the world’s worst traffic once i exited on SCOTT st. b/c well UH was POD site so we had 4847328947298750398 people on campus including the national guard!

So IKE didn’t stop once we got power back….NO, that would have made life tooo easy! Instead he created the world’s worst traffic. i mean seriously an hour and twenty minutes to drive 16 miles?!?!?!? That is too much!!! And people wonder why we get road rage! I could feel my blood boiling!!! Ike is a punk!

Oh, and cell phones really?!?!?! that stunk! Getting no texts than like 8 billion in one minutes, or voicemails with no ringing dumb IKE! I’m blaming everything on him!


I’m done! Peace out!

as promised…


Online classes, are just one more step in our awesomeness of technology! Sike! I used to love online classes, buy the books…read the chapters, take the test. Right?!?!?! WRONG!!! This semester I have 2 (count them 1….2) online classes, both in communication. But rather than just allowing us to study and read on our time…NO, these professor have decided to include LECTURE VIDEOS. So now I have to watch the class…which kind of defeats the purpose of doing it online. If I was really interested in hearing the lecture, I would have signed up to go to the class in person. Too bad, I have to watch this videos instead! Blah!!!!

Random thought on missions week…

On a better note, Missions week is ROCKIN! And by ROCKIN I mean 1/3 done! Yesterday’s service was truly awesome! Got HV (human video) practice tonight, Missions Banquet on FRIDAY, and than close it out Sunday with the HV…and Worship Night! Holla! Hopefully after that I’ll get some rest???


**I’ve dedicated this section to my three amazing niece/nephews and their awesomeness**

Freakin’ Deacon…

So lil deacon is my buddy and I just love the way he says “waaaah waaah” and “Nyyyyynaaaaa” lol! He is now officially in “pre-school” crazy since he’s only one but none the less he goes to school two days a week in his lil crocs. He is insanely too cute…OH, and he is now addicted to the water. He loves to swim (thanks to Lindsey) and well the other day, after the older two had taken baths, Deacon took it upon himself to climb into the tub FULLY CLOTHED and play in the water!!!!

Ok, so Junior (being the big boy that he is) is miles ahead of his new class at his new school. These teachers however, are not the brightest stars in the sky…and well they make me mad. If you’ve met Junior, you know he’s awesome and way too cute for his own good. Anyway, at his new school that are teaching the kids how to spell and write their names…Junior already knows how to do this and will tell you that you spell his name like this “shay- you-innn-i-o-r” he also can write his name. BUT, these rude teachers informed his mother that they don’t think it’s a good idea that we call him Junior since that’s not his real name, and he won’t know his real name. TOO bad he knows his name (his real one) and his already smarter than the other kids cause he can write and spell the name that he is called. DUMB teachers need to leave my little buddy. [side note…his girlfran, Lindsey Louise, has already promised to go beat up the teachers if they give him any more issues J]


So since these boys are to school and here is a jessi story. The other day Vin picked her up from KidsKlub (the afterschool program) and she gave him some beads to carry in his hand. Well…someone/something bumped him and he spilt them all over the floor. Jessi and her grown-up ways gave him a look of disgust as if implying “dad what is wrong with you?!?!?” Than Vinnie said “I’m sorry…are you mad? Are you sad? Are you happy?” only to get a reply of “NO”. Than they bent down to pick them up, and he said “I’m the worst dad ever” Jessi replied with a “NO” so he decided to ask “am I the best dad ever…” which jessi gave a straight forward answer of “DON’T PUSH IT!” Hahahahaha! I love this kid, she cracks me up!

Now, that you’ve been exposed to the awesomeness of Freakin Deacon, Shunior, and JessiRAE, I have to warn you that you’re going to want to hear more. And will find yourself quoting these kids on a normal basis….they are just that fabulous!



I know i know, it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and written one of these things. There have promises of a new blog coming, and it’s finally here…so let’s do a quick recap of the events that have led up to today, ready?? HERE WE GO…

So the interns are gone…and i miss them, well i miss Valerie (ha!). I have no one for my amazingly exciting trips to the post office, office depot, or random lunch meetings! No really, Valerie worked her butt off this summer…so sad school started. She should just drop out and hang out with me all the time

So it’s no secret to anyone that i do not know spanish. I know I’M BROWN!!! So since UH requires that i take 4 semesters (unless i can test into sophomore level) I decided to take it at Lone Star College (gay name). well i walk into the first day of class, and quickly realized i was in the wrong class when we spent the first 30 min going over como estas??? So then I went took the test, and go into “baby” spanish level 2. On a positive note that class is a “second-start” class so it doesn’t start till September 8th! HOLLA!

UH Main Campus (cause it’s better than downtown David!)…
School has started, and i have this buddy (P.Diddle) that makes sure i go to class EVERYDAY. Even on the days she skips, drops me off…attacks me with silly string, i still manage to go to class! I’ve conquered lots…the longest walk in the world (in the rain), the bookstore-garage walk X4 in one day, buying books, getting lost on campus, traffic, not getting lost when i drive, being randomly attacked by silly string, getting my ID, proper school apparel (hoodies in September!), it’s only week 2…what other crazyness is bound to happen??? Class is boring! I HATE rocks..who thought it was a good idea to make that class, and better yet, why did they recommend that i take it??? I’m getting a degree in Public Relations what do i need to study rocks for??? Which leads me to the next section

I was recently hired…for a position that no one knew was open. I was originally hired as the PR for David Calderon…but than quickly received an offer i could not refuse to work for none other than Lindsey Louise King. Only to be shocked that the two of them had been collaborating together to create a joint offer to hire me as both of their PR’s. I am pleased to announce that this collaboration did not end at just making me their PR, but making Team Lindsey/David an official team. Their first act together is noted as one of demolition, as they together managed to break my red phone. Pieces were amputated (by Lindsey), and than stretched to gummy bear likeness (by David). Only to have David attempt to put it back together…than get the pieces stuck in it. I now i have a ghetto phone, i repeat a ghetto phone!!
***Any and all request for public appearances by these two can be directed to me…*** hahahahaha

Well there you have another peak back into my crazy world…I’ll try to keep this thing more updated. Check back on Monday…I’ll have a new blog!

Rainy days & starbucks

Eduard…decided to grace us with his presence today. So with flying trees, and dogs being washed away…i ventured to Starbucks. (ok…so there were no flying trees or dogs being washed away. More like a dump truck of rain, and some more annoying rain)

Apparently Starbucks is much like the post office…no matter what the weather is..they are OPEN! So of course when work gets cancelled where do i head? Duh! No brainer! Starbucks!!! With my Grande Passion Tea made with apple juice and sweetened with melon. I sit down to face the day. Or at least attempt to get some work done.

Not much work as been accomplished yet, but i have had some sucessful people watching going on. My favorite moment may have been the man that pulled in through the drive thru with an umbrella hanging out his window to ensure that his coffee did not get water in it….OUTTA CONTROL!

So thank you Eduard for a day off of work, and en excuse to spend my day at Starbucks!

-peace out-


So this blog is a little late in being posted, but i figure it’s been a while since i’ve written…and someone, somwhere may be bored enough to actually want to read this!

So I flew to Colorado a couple of weeks ago, and had the world’s worst flight…
I got there to the airport early stoked out a good seat, and then read my magazine. Good times! HA…so they call for the people with the letter “A” to board their flights, and i get in line only to have this stupid high school girl…that clearly has no friends and hates her life, looks at me and says “umm…what number are you?” So i politely say “45” and smile…only to have her look at me roll her eyes and say “I’m 44, so clearly I’m in front of you and nearly pushed me over. RUDE!!! I know. Ok so i finally get to go and PICK my seat and i pick an aisle seat with a lady sitting at the window reading (so she won’t talk to me…clearly!) Than out of no where this old lady comes and sits next to me…she then proceeds to mix a pound of powder crap with the worst smelling pinapple mango blend of juice…making a paste, and than she DRANK IT!!! Disgusting. So not only was she drinking nasty crap, but she apparently thought it was roll around in your seat day, and was continously bumping into me. I was like geez…this is worse than a kid. Wait, it gets better! I, of course,I bust out the ipod and start reading a book…then the guy comes by and gives us  drinks, and of course the ipod goes back into my ears. Only to have the old lady tap me on the shoulders and start talking to me!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!?!?!?!?!? So, i being the nice person i am, humor her and listen, and the first chance i get i put them back in. Without fail…25 minutes go by and i get another she has to go the bathroom!!! I was so mad!! Than the person behind me, orders a bloodly mary, which smells like crap…tomato juice, tobasco sauce and liquor! nasty! Than he orders another. and then spills it!!! So, i have to smell that crap the entire trip!!!! Needless to say i was a little bitter about that flight! ugh!

The trip turned out to be pretty amazing. Colorado was absoultely beautiful, but there was not nearly enough oxygen for me! I was out of breathe riding in the car!!! Outta control…here’s a quick run down of my 5 day trip to the big D, Denver i mean…not Dallas
Tuesday: fly to denver, get picked up by freakin deacon, and uncle John
Oh, and i got informed as soon as I landed that they do not serve Dr. pepper at restaurants in Denver!!!
No worries, if there is one thing i can find it’s Dr. pepper!!!!

Wednesday: woken up early by Deacon, headed to SixFlags:Elitch Gardens with vinnie and family
Thursday: Crystal flew in, spent ALL day at the mall
Friday: Dad flew in, Vinnie (plus family) went home, Drove to Vail
Now, Vail was amazing. Absoultely amazing. Felt like i was in a differernt country!
Saturday: Did a tour of Colorado….Boulder ( to get a CU hoodie!), Colorado springs…Air Force Academy,
Garden of the Gods
Sunday: Woke up at 4:30am to fly home

Back to Houston…hot, humid, but thank God for enough oxygen for me to breathe!!!!!

Here are  few pics: